Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Memory Lane iPhone Style

My mom is here helping me get ready for Westin's party!  He is turning one Saturday and I can't wait for his party but I also don't want it to be here just yet!  I want him to stay a baby forever!  :)  Not really but I LOVE this cute, cuddly, sweet phase.  I just now put all 870 pictures from my phone onto my computer and I enjoyed looking back on this past year.  Here is a little walk down memory lane, in no particular order.

 When he first started rolling over this is how he would sleep!  It always made me nervous but he loved sleeping this way.  Don't mind his pink sleep sack.  ;)  I found it for $2.00.  Haha
 Chubby phase!
 First time eating oatmeal!
 This is probably from the first week he was home.  Cody loved this outfit and always wanted him in it. ;)
 First time on his play mat.
 Skinny little arms and wrists and a head full of DARK hair!
 Daddy's attempt at putting Westin's clothes on. 
 Being swallowed in his size newborn outfit.
 First time in a swing outside!  This picture makes me laugh.  He looks like such a shorty!
 Me holding him in the hospital.  Love at first sight.

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Mandi @ Finding Home said...

He's so adorable. And wow, how he has changed from being such a tiny newborn! Can't wait to see photos from his party. Happy Birtday Westin!

Twice as Nice said...

He is so CUTE!! Can't believe it has been a whole year already. So many more changes and memories to make.

Cari said...

Cute post!! He has had several different "looks." Such a cute happy baby! Hope you have a blast at his party. Can't wait to see pics.

P.s. Funny about your comment thinking I had put him in a toddler bed! I'm pretty sure he will be in a crib till 1st grade. And if you think toys are out of control now wait till after his bday party! When your party planning is over and Now that it's warmer let's plan on getting together on a Monday or Friday when I'm off!! Maybe meet up at a park and play? We can come your way!

Brittany said...

He's a cutie! It really goes fast!

Alex and Jill said...

I can't believe he's going to be one year old. I didn't remember him being so skinny like in that one pic - looks like a different baby! Gosh he's cute, Shannon. When are you going to give him a baby brother/sister? ;)

Looking forward to party pics!

The Photo Goo said...

Oh, so sweet and cute! You'll love going back and looking at how much he'll change over the next couple of years :)

Kelly said...

Can you believe our boys will be one in 3 days?? Have fun getting ready! We're going to start decorating tomorrow night!!

Katie said...

Love this pictures! It's so hard to believe he was ever to tiny with those skinny arms and legs!

Donna said...

Such precious pictures! Hope Westin's birthday party goes great! :)

destiny said...

Love seeing all his different looks/phases! He's just adorable! You'll have such a fun day on Saturday!

Diane said...

Sweet memories! Thanks for sharing. Happy birthday, Westin!

Jennifer said...

I had to laugh at the pink sleeper. I did the same thing to my son because I found a pink one for cheap. I figured no one saw him in it but me anyways!
And our carnival party is going to be in a few weeks, so I will still be able to see your ideas first! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

He is adorable!! I love your blog.
I was wondering if you would ever do a post about the paint colors you use in your home. We are moving to a new home this summer and I get such inspiration from your creative touch on your blog

Cuddles and Chaos said...

So sweet. OH I just want to cuddle your son or give him a great big in person smile.

Happy Birthday Westin


Casey :) said...

What an adorable little guy. Can't believe its already been a year!

Momofgirls said...

He's so precious! He just looks so happy all the time and so sweet!

Happiness Is... said...

I can't believe it has been a year! It's funny that you mentioned your phone pictures b/c I have not yet been able to delete the pictures from our cameras from the first 3 weeks - like if I delete them from the memory card he might get older faster or something. Weird attachment issue I have!

3d ultrasounds said...

These photos are amazing and super cute!!! i wish we could get a 4D ultrasound for our little guy!
Following you now :)
btw, you are gorgeous!

Rhonda said...

I LOVE these!!! He is SO CUTE! Have so much fun at his party!!!! As sad as it is to see him growing up, there are so many fun things that will happen along the way! Can't wait to see pics! :)

The Neal's said...

No, I was WAY off! I live in Lexingon, S.C. I guess I'll have to find another cake maker!! haha

Kyla said...

Just stumbled across your blog and realized my son Lane and Westin share the same birthday. Lane was born at 12:52 pm on the 5th! We just had his first birthday party this weekend and did The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. Westin's carnival party was precious! Also, I looked at some of your past posts and our boys have sooo many of the same outfits.