Thursday, March 24, 2011

When I was asked by Melissa at if I would be interested in trying out a banner, I said, "yes ma'am!"  When I went to their site I was blown away at all the options!  The banners can all be customized for whatever you need.  And they are HUGE!  This one is 3 feet by 6 feet.  They are also made out of durable vinyl.  I chose a birthday banner for Westin.

 You can even add a picture if you want to.  The colors are so vibrant and the picture is so clear.  I thought it would be neat to have a birthday banner with a picture of Westin with his first birthday cake.  We can pull it out every year to always be reminded of when he ate his first cake.  :)

Westin thought it was so funny that his picture was on there!  He kept patting his face. 

When I told him that we were going to hang this up at his 13th birthday to embarrass him in front of all his friends he thought that was hi-larious

There might be some years where he is embarrassed to see this but how sweet will it be to pull this out when he turns 18 or 21?  (sniff! sniff!)

I would definitely recommend and I will definitely be ordering another banner when we have another baby!  :) Their shipping was SO fast and they stand behind their products. Thank you very much, Melissa!  You were great to work with and I appreciate the opportunity. 

Thank you!
Twice As Nice Lettering
Stella and Dot-Danielle
Studio JRU


Sara said...

How funny! I think when he is embarrased later on, you can pull back these pictures to prove you talked it over with him and he was fine with it. ha!

I will have to check out the site!

Thanks for letting me know about the park, although the warm temps have left again:( boo!

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

That's adorable! What a great tradition to start for his birthdays.

Alex and Jill said...

I've used them before too - was very pleased with their product. Those pics of him sitting on top of himself are hilarious and so cute!

Love that boy. :)

Kristen said...

The banner is so cute! I think it will be super fun to see how he grows over the years! What a great momento!

The picture of him laughing is precious!

CarolinaGirl said...

He is such a doll, and I loved all of his Birthday pics!! Will turned 1 on March 16th, and we are having his party in April when my family comes from SC. You have given me some great ideas!!

Becky said...

That is super cute! I had made a felt banner that I was going to use each year, but I love your idea of putting their 1st bday photo on it! I may just have to "borrow" that idea and get one! Thanks!

Laura Burciaga said...

Love the picture of him patting his face :)