Thursday, March 17, 2011

.50 Chalkboard and Andrew's Birthday

This chalkboard would be more impressive if I hadn't lost my before picture.  Oh well....picture a brown wooden frame and a picture that had no glass and was definitely from the 60's.  I just painted right over the picture with the chalkboard paint and painted the frame white.  It had a green price tag on it at the thrift store so I got it for .50 that day.  I used it at Westin's birthday party:

And we used it last night when we celebrated Andrew's birthday at Fam Night. 

I did not need another chalkboard (but who can pass up a large picture from .50?!?!) so I gave it to Katie.  If anything, maybe Zach can practice his letters.  ;)

 While we were singing "Happy Birthday" to Andy, Zach was lovin' on Westin.  Zach really does have a thing for putting his hands on kid's heads! It is sooo funny!

Now that we have 4 kiddos at Fam Night, getting a good picture (or any picture at all!) is a huge deal. 

TAKE 1: (Hello Joseph??? Over here!)

TAKE 2: (Zach thought we might like a ball thrown into the picture.)

TAKE 3: (Yay!  Everyone is looking!)

By the way, did y'all see Asa (in the blue)?  He is 4.5 months old and doing great!  Elizabeth has been updating her blog more frequently if you would like to read about him HERE.  He was born in October at 31 weeks.

We had fun celebrating with you last night!

Thank you!
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I love take 3 what a family classic with little ones involved.

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