Monday, January 10, 2011

Small Change, Big Difference

I got some new books for Christmas so that is why I only posted once last week.  I hadn't read a book since Westin was born so I really got into them.  I used to read one, if not two, a week so it was nice to read two last week in my spare time.  Hopefully I'm back on track now.  :)

I've had these pictures forever and I've been meaning to show them to you.  I honestly had to ask Cody if we did this before or after Westin was born.  (That time is such a blur!)  Anyways, he said before.  And when I say, "we" I mean my Dad.  We had these basic builder towel rings in all our bathrooms but I wanted something a little nicer in the master bath. 

I found these towel holders at Hobby Lobby. I think they are for paper towels but it works for hand towels too. 

 My Dad installed them on the wall and I love the change.  They are so much more substantial and look more master bath-y.  ;)  These pictures are dark but they are a brown color, not black.
 If you want to see how I did my lamp cord, go HERE.

Thank you!
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Lana said...

It's amazing how a little change can make a big difference! It looks great!

Twice as Nice said...

I too love to read but hadn't as much lately until my husband won a Kindle from work. He only reads the newspaper so the Kindle is mine. I have a lot of regular books that I really need to read but I am loving the Kindle. I've read 3 or 4 books in just about 3 weeks. I love it.

Janna said...

Wow! That did make a huge difference. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here. My sis in Alabama is always finding cool stuff there.

Shannon said...

Oh my, so I should expect to be back to reading in 4 more months? I was an AVID reader before Olivia was born but since I think I've read maybe 3 books. I'm in a book club at church and can't even keep up with our one book per month! But one of my goals for 2011 is to reclaim reading so I am committing to an online book club, my regular book club and I joined blogging for books. Woo hoo for reading!

Allyson Pecilunas said...

I love it that looks so good!! Thanks for the inspiration. Have a good day!


Rhonda said...

Very cute and classy!! I LOVE the idea about the lamp cords!! I've never seen it done that way! I'm an old pro at that technique, though...I did my shoelaces that way in the 5th grade ;)

Cuddles and Chaos said...

So what did you read? I'm thankful you had that you took that time to read. Let me know what kind of books you like and I'd be happy to send you whatever I have.

What a great idea on the towel ring. I would have never been that creative. Great job.


Kimberley said...

i might have to steal that idea ;) looks great!

p.s. thank you for the baby food websites :)

destiny said...

Wow...that did make a big difference! I never thought of using a paper towel holder for hand towels...that's perfect!!


Hi! I read your blog often and love your decor style. We seem to share a similar style. We have bought a new house, so I will be doing LOTS of decor soon. Please tell me how you attatch your ribbon to the backs of your frames. I love how you hang them. And, are those uphol. nails?

cassie said...

LOVE the towel holder. great idea!

Toni said...

Oh, love that! Makes a difference! I'm going to do your cord trick for a lamp in my kitchen, the cord always drives me crazy.

Ashley said...

love it! might have to steal your idea ;)