Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Give Thanks Board

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Y'all were SOOO funny with all the emails about Katie and I being on 19 Kids and Counting! I can't believe y'all recognized me. That is so funny! Michelle Duggar came and talked to our MOPS meeting back in September. Her talk was very good and I took a lot of notes. Jennifer did a good job of summarizing them HERE.

Oh, how I love blogland! I love finding projects that I would never think about doing. This gratitude board is one of those. I was inspired by Jellybean Junkyard to make my own. I love this idea!

Hers is way more professional looking and way cuter but like I said, my projects are cheap if not free these days. So I used what I had. I did have to buy the little pockets though. She also gives way better instructions on her blog so hop on over there to get the step by step.
I gathered some fall paper and ribbon that I had and bought these cards and bags. She uses coin envelopes.

Once you cut your paper down to size, modge podge it on the pockets. I hung mine up to dry.

I then laid them out in an order I liked so I could measure and cut a scrap piece of beadboard. Or rather, so my dad could cut the piece of beadboard.

My friend Haley cut out the numbers on her cricut for me (thank you!!) and I painted the "give thanks" at the top after I transferred it on there with graphite paper.

Notice anything a little "off" in the picture below?

If you noticed that the nine is on backwards then you would be correct! Oy! The sad part is I didn't even notice until I glued on number 29. Oh well, it is staying like that for now. I wonder how long it will take Cody to notice?

Day 1 was pretty easy for us. :) It will be great to pull this out year after year in November and look back at our lists. I can't wait until Westin can really tell us what he is thankful for. :) I know those answers will be so cute.

So hop on over to Jellybean Junkyard for the full tutorial!


Donna said...

This is absolutely beautiful! :) I didn't even notice your 9...

Have a great day!

Brittany said...

That is way cute! I wish I would have seen you on The Duggars show! How cool! Did they just get a shot of you or are you talking?

Mrs. Southern said...

LOVE the give thanks board! i must do this next year!

Jeni said...

I love this!!! Using the bead board...absolutely beautiful. What a fun tradition for you.

Catherine said...

Of course I recognized you on the Duggars!!! I would love to meet Michelle...she is so inspiring.

Jellybean Junkyard said...

I think yours looks absolutely WONDERFUL! AND- the backwards "9" will be fun to talk about years from now! Love the idea of the beadboard too! I'm all about keeping things on the cheap! Way to go! And- thanks for the shout out!

Katie said...


Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Looks awesome!

And you looked great on 19 Kids and Counting! I was wondering when that episode would air after reading a couple of you girls' blogs. I was excited to see someone I "know" on there. :)

Amber said...

The 19 Kids and Counting Episode reran last night and I saw you and Katie! :) This is a cute project. It will be a lot of fun to look back through the years at what you all were thankful for each year.