Friday, November 5, 2010

Eight Months

Westin, you are already 8 months old! Every day I think about how much I love this age. He is such a HAPPY boy that it makes those 6am wake up calls so worth it! Thankfully, he doesn't wake up at 6am every day. Here is what he has been up to:
- Size 3 diapers
- Size 6-9 month clothes although some are still too big.
- Takes two naps a day. Ranging anywhere from 30 mins-2.5 hrs.
- Still no teeth.
- Rolls everywhere! To get toys that are out of reach he will pull a leg up under him like he is going to crawl but it usually just sends him rolling to his back.
- Happy, happy, happy!
- Loves his excersaucer and swing but might be getting too big for the swing.
- Sits up great.
- He is a great eater. Eats two ice cube servings at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes he will eat three.
- Nurses 5 times a day.
- Started liking carrots mixed with apples and peas mixed with pears. The only thing he is not fond of is white potato.
- Likes water from a sippy cup.
- Still does NOT take a bottle. I've pretty much given up on that. I love my time nursing him and now that he goes 3-4 hours at a time it is not as suffocating. :)
- He still loves to balance his toys on his face.
- Loves bathtime and being outside.
- Loves his daddy like none other! He stops whatever he is doing when he hears the garage door open and just waits for Cody to walk in. He goes crazy when he sees him!

I thank the Lord for Westin every single day. I didn't know you could love someone so much! :)

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The Branches said...

Happy 8 month bday Westin from Connor your blog BFF twin! :) They are getting so fun aren't they??? LOVE IT! Worth the wait in every way!

Lana said...

Westin is just the cutest thing!

Angie said...

So absolutely precious! His big grin just makes me smile!

Dearest Home said...

He is adorable! And getting so blonde! Happy 8 months, Westin!

duchess said...

Can't believe he's 8 mths old already. He's so cute & happy. You'd better start planning that 1st bday party.;)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, he is getting so big! He is so precious!

Emily said...

Precious! It's so hard to believe he is already 8 months old... time is flying by so quickly!

hi-d said...

Great updates - I love hearing the progress... :)

I'm always saying it, but he is SO dang cute! Looks like he could be a gerber baby.

Kristen and Andy said...

Aww...Happy 8 Months old! Hard to believe they are already that close to being 1 - where did the time go??? Such a cutie - and most of it could be used to describe Cannon too :) So funny - they both roll everywhere but yet try so hard to crawl...hahaha - too cute!

Kimmy said...

Oh just look at that BIG boy! Can't believe how he's grown... seems like yesterday you were posting prego photos... what a cutie he is... LOVE that smile! ~kim

Alex and Jill said...

That boy is so happy and such a doll!! His smile is contagious.

I laughed when I read he balances his toys on his face...HAHA! Funny boy.

Happy 8 months, Westin!!

P.S. Met your Mom...she was so sweet to introduce herself!