Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winner, Westin and Wares

The winner of the Becca Winslow necklace is:
Congratulations!! Email me your info.
Thank you Becca for a great giveaway!!

Thank you all for weighing in on Westin's shirt! That was hilarious. I'm still thinking it is a boy shirt but I do think it could go either way. With all the cute girl shirts out there I don't think this would be anyone's first choice for a girl. :) Some of y'all were very passionate about your answers! Haha Just for fun I tallied up the results:




Since I'm the writer of this blog I'm going to go ahead and put the unisex votes with the boy votes so boys win!! Haha Now on to the wares. :) The local craft fairs were this past week and we got some great things at War Eagle and the convention centers.

This necklace is from Autumn Art and her etsy site is HERE. Her pieces are amazing. I wanted one of everything! :) It is technically a Christmas gift so my mom has it now. I can't wait to wear it though!

I got this cute monster tooth fairy pillow for Westin. He doesn't have any teeth just yet but in about 6 years we can start using this! Ha! It comes with a cute poem and I love how you hang it on the door. You can find her work HERE.

My favorite thing I got is probably this hand painted sign. She had sooooo many gorgeous pieces in her booth but I fell in love with this one. I love it! I can't wait to find the perfect spot for it this Christmas. I'm kicking myself for not getting one of her cards.

Do y'all like to go to craft fairs? I look forward to this one every year. I love finding unique handmade items.


Kari Beth said...

you got some great stuff at the craft fair! i came home with bows for elle and dip mixes. i LOVE that necklace. i picked one up in a branson landing store, but it was $150! can you believe that? you got a great deal! i believe i will be ordering one off of her etsy site! thanks for sharing your finds.

Amanda Jo said...

War Eagle and the Apple Festival in Bentonville are what I miss the most about Fall in NW Arkansas! I've gotta make a pilgrimage soon!!!

Twice as Nice said...

Love your hand painted sign. Looks to me like you could hang it up all year around. We loved the tree necklace so much twin and I bought 3 to give to our friends. We are all getting together for dinner next week and thought they would make great gifts for the girls. She let us engrave something on the back so I had "everlasting" put on them for everlasting friendship!! Have a great week.

Mrs. Southern said...

I love finding good things at craft fairs! That necklace is amazing, I'm going to check out the site for it right now!

The Branches said...

I love War Eagle, my mom sister and I used to go every year. I love that necklace and the picture is adorable!!!

Barbara said...

I love your necklace! The picture is so cute and reminds me that my sister started collecting nativity scenes for my nephew his 1st Christmas, that was 17 years ago!

Brenda@MyHodgePodgerie said...

Thank you so much for showing my tooth monster pillow and sharing a link to my site!! :) War Eagle was a blast! I am already planning for next year :) Brenda

Katie said...

Cute tooth fairy holder!