Friday, October 29, 2010

Cupcake Liner Art?

I had time to squeeze in one last Halloween project. What do you do with a super cute cupcake liner and a mis-matched saucer?

Put them together!

I saw these cute cupcake liners at Walmart and have enjoyed using them for cupcakes this season but wanted to do something else with one of them. I flattened it out and mod podged it on the saucer.

I like it up by my trick or treaters. :)

You may have noticed the new "sponsors" tab on my sidebar. (Thanks Faith!) I'm really excited about taking sponsors! I love buying from etsy and from people who are trying to make a living staying at home. I hope we can help each other! Email me if you are interested and I will send you some info. row35401 at yahoo dot com. Thank you!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Squeezin' Em In

I've been squeezing in some last minute Halloween projects. Every time I browse The Graphics Fairy I get inspired! These days my craft projects have to be quick, easy and cheap (if not free!)
I wanted to add a little "spook" to my fall mantel so I traced THIS bat:
A laptop makes the perfect lightbox! I thought instead of using my black printer ink I would just color it in. :)

I cut it out, colored it in and taped it on a sheet music that I printed from HERE. I put it in a Dollar Store black frame and called it done.

The next project was even easier. I printed off THIS Trick or Treat tag, framed it and hung it with ribbon.

My favorite trick from The Nester is to always hang things with an upholstery tack. Much prettier than just a nail!
If you haven't been by The Graphics Fairy then you need to go. You will not be disappointed! I'll leave you with a picture of Westin in his very boyish Halloween shirt. ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Westin's Six Month Pictures

We recently had Westin's six month pictures taken and I LOVE them all! Nicole did an amazing job and even met us a second night for a little re-shoot because Westin was not happy the first time. :) All the pictures with him in the white undershirt are from the second shoot. If you live in Northwest Arkansas I highly recommend her. Her site is HERE.

It would take forever to upload all 41 pictures so I'll post 10 of my favorites. :) My mom had this cool antique child's chair and we plopped it on some railroad tracks.

Cool red door on the square.

Remember how I said the first time Westin wasn't happy so we had to do a re-shoot? Well, right after this picture below he fell backward and bonked his head. I broke his fall a little but it scared him so after that he was DONE!

Poor pitiful baby!! I'm so thankful Nicole understood and met us for take two. I love all the shots she got, even the last one. :) It won't be framed (Cody can't even look at it because it upsets him-Ha!) but it is definitely going in the album for memories. :) Thank you Nicole for these priceless pictures! I should also thank Gran (my mom) for coming on take two to make sure Westin was all smiles. It worked!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winner, Westin and Wares

The winner of the Becca Winslow necklace is:
Congratulations!! Email me your info.
Thank you Becca for a great giveaway!!

Thank you all for weighing in on Westin's shirt! That was hilarious. I'm still thinking it is a boy shirt but I do think it could go either way. With all the cute girl shirts out there I don't think this would be anyone's first choice for a girl. :) Some of y'all were very passionate about your answers! Haha Just for fun I tallied up the results:




Since I'm the writer of this blog I'm going to go ahead and put the unisex votes with the boy votes so boys win!! Haha Now on to the wares. :) The local craft fairs were this past week and we got some great things at War Eagle and the convention centers.

This necklace is from Autumn Art and her etsy site is HERE. Her pieces are amazing. I wanted one of everything! :) It is technically a Christmas gift so my mom has it now. I can't wait to wear it though!

I got this cute monster tooth fairy pillow for Westin. He doesn't have any teeth just yet but in about 6 years we can start using this! Ha! It comes with a cute poem and I love how you hang it on the door. You can find her work HERE.

My favorite thing I got is probably this hand painted sign. She had sooooo many gorgeous pieces in her booth but I fell in love with this one. I love it! I can't wait to find the perfect spot for it this Christmas. I'm kicking myself for not getting one of her cards.

Do y'all like to go to craft fairs? I look forward to this one every year. I love finding unique handmade items.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Becca Winslow Giveaway

I am in the Christmas shopping mood! I have tackled almost half of my list so I am inspired to finish all of it before Thanksgiving. If you are ready to get a start then I bet you could find someone on your list who would love Becca Winslow Jewelry. Her pieces are so unique and so beautiful! I had a hard time picking out something for the giveaway but I think her Tree For Every Season design would be perfect for almost anyone! I love this necklace!

How awesome that it comes with four Swarovski crystals to change out with your outfit, mood or the season!
Becca makes it so easy for us. She even offers complimentary gift wrap upon request! So for $20.00 and $3.15 shipping you have a wonderful Christmas gift totally wrapped and ready to go. You can't get much easier than that!

I have a feeling you will love all her pieces as much as I do. She has sooo many great pieces in her shop. To enter to win the Tree For Every Season necklace go visit her shop HERE and leave me one comment telling me what your favorite piece is. will pick a winner Thursday evening. Please remember to leave your email address if you don't have a blog or if your blog is private. Thank you Becca for offering a great giveaway!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Winner and Weekend Party

First of all, thank you so much for your comments on October 15th. I wish SOO bad I could send each of you Becky's book. I highly, highly, highly recommend buying the book. It is so well written and I know it would be such an encouragement to you or someone you know who has suffered a loss. You can purchase it directly from Becky HERE or HERE. Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you to Becky for offering this giveaway.

The winner is #18
Cuddles and Chaos
I'll be emailing you to get your info. Thanks!

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for Westin's friend, Noah. It was such a fun party! Noah's mom, Helga, had everything planned out so perfectly. All the kiddos came in their Halloween costumes so that made it extra fun.
Helga had the cutest decorations too! She even had sweet potato and yogurt purees for the little babies.
Westin loved his bear costume! Thanks Christina for letting us borrow it!

Westin and Adeline with their dads.

Katie with her personal race car driver.

Cutie bumble bee.

The birthday boy and cutest Dracula ever!

Noah tore into his cake! It was so funny to watch! He loved it.

We even got to paint pumpkins for our babies. It was a great party!

There will be another giveaway tomorrow! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15 Giveaway

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Even though I think about her every single day, today I am remembering Sweet Reese. My niece. For only spending 2 days here on earth, she has made a BIG impact on my life and so many other's as well. I love her so much.

Author, Becky Avella has been gracious enough to offer her book for a giveaway in honor of today. Becky wrote And Then You Were Gone: Restoring a Broken Heart After Pregnancy Loss after suffering four miscarriages.

I love the paragraph on the back of the book: "And Then You Were Gone is a spiritual and practical guide to healing after pregnancy loss. It points grieving hearts to real hope, and equips family, friends, churches, counselors, and others with understanding and tools for ministering to hurting families after loss."

Her book answers questions that are only natural to think. Is God mad at me? Did she really just say that? Now what? And many more. My personal favorite chapter was on how to help a friend who has suffered a loss. There is great advice in that chapter and she addresses things I would never think about but I'm so glad to know now.

If you have experienced pregnancy or infant loss or know someone who has, who you think would benefit from this book, then leave a comment on this post. I would highly recommend this book to someone who has lost a baby or to someone who has a friend or family member who has lost a baby. It is definitely beneficial to both. It has given me a new and better understanding to some of the things my family and friends have gone through.

Please leave one comment on this post with an email address if you do not have a blog. One winner will be randomly selected on Monday, October 18th. If you would like to go ahead and order the book then you can do so from Becky's website. Thank you Becky!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Fun Round 2

After we went to the pumpkin patch, our small group got together for our annual pumpkin carving contest. We also added costumes this year!

Lindsey made these CUTE table decorations. Love those! She got the idea from Southern Living.

Westin in his festive shirt which caused a debate. I would love your input! His shirt says, "daddy's lil' ghoul". The guys thought it meant "daddy's lil' GIRL". The girls thought it was definitely not a girl's shirt and just meant what it said. I would think if it were a girl's shirt then it wouldn't be black. What are your thoughts? :) By the way, it was a hand me down from a little boy.

Cody was a priest and I was the Progressive girl, Flo.

Hippie chick, Vietnam Vet and their love child.

Tin Man, Dorothy and the Lion

K State super fans.

Salt and Pepper Shakers (their twin girls were sleeping)

Jason was out of town so Katie came with Colson.


Cody carved the skull. He ran out of time to finish but I think it looks good! I say it all the time but I love that our small group just does life together. We are all in the same phase of life and enjoy spending time together. Over the last 5+ years our get-togethers have definitely changed! We all have at least one baby now that has to get home to bed. :) Okay, so what are your thoughts on Westin's shirt?