Saturday, September 11, 2010

Questions Answered

I guess I was pretty vague about our cabinet transformation. I think I was still trying to recover and just left a lot of information out. Haha By NO means am I an expert and you would definitely see that if you came over and saw them in real life but we are happy with them. :)
1. Can I do this?
YES! If I can do it help from the hubby than you can definitely do it!

2. Did I sand them first?
I bought sand paper (180 grit) because I wanted to do a very light sand. They are not real wood so I did not want to scratch them. I had planned on sanding them and then totally forgot! You can probably determine by your finish (mine were not glossy or shiny) if you need a light sand.

3. Did I take them off the hinges?
No. My cabinets have hidden hinges or hinges on the inside of the doors. If they had regular hinges that you can see the I would have taken them off. I actually think it might have been a faster project if I took them off anyways.

4. What kind of brushes did I use?
I forgot to take a picture but I used a combination. Whatever I could find to get in the nooks and crannies. I used a small artist's paint brush and a foam brush for the hard to reach places but for the majority of the work I used a brush similar to THIS one and to roll on the paint I used a small foam roller like THIS one.
5. What type of paint and finish did I use?
I used Dutch Boy latex paint in a satin finish. However, if your cabinets are already painted with an oil base paint then you need to use oil base paint unless you use an oil base primer first. If you use the oil base primer over your oil based paint then you can use either oil or latex based paint. Did you get all that? Haha

6. What type of primer did I use?
Kilz primer from Walmart:
6. How long did the process take?
It took me 4 days. However I was entertaining Westin all day and only painting during his naps and when I could sneak away for a few minutes. If you could prime them all in one day and then paint the next then I can definitely see this being a two day job with maybe only some touch ups on the third day.

Thankfully Westin is a good baby and is pretty good at entertaining himself. Haha

If I missed a question or if you have another one then leave it in the comments and I will answer you in the comments.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Good job!

Emily said...

What a beautiful transformation!

Stephanie said...

Amazing! You did a great job, I can't believe you did it all by yourself!! It looks great and Dutch Boy will be happy with you :) You made their paint seem like a great purchase!! Now is definitely the time too, as soon as Westin is mobile you would be in trouble! I'd have to send Ava to her grandparents at this point :) Enjoy them!!

P.S. You and your chalkboard paint have inspired me lately! I have been a little wild and crazy with chalkboard paint and my chalk pen :) My husband just laughs when he gets home and discovers my latest "project" of the day! I'm indebted to you for the ideas!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow.........I could NEVER accomplish all of that with my 6 month old at home with me!!!!!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Bravo!!! They look great!
Have a pretty day!

Angie said...

The cabinets look gorgeous! I love my white cabinets, but I was lucky because the previous homeowners painted them so I didn't have to. You should be very proud of yourself!

MJ said...

I'd love to know what color you used! We are moving into a new house in a few weeks and are having the cabinets painted white...I'm having a hard time deciding on a "good" white to use and I love the way yours looks! Thanks! :)

Twice as Nice said...

They look great. Can't believe they weren't real wood?? Great job and Westin is such a doll.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Looks great! I will be doing the same after my grandbaby comes. Looking forward to a lighter and brighter kitchen. Jackie

Mel's Mom said...

I LOVE that he puts his toys over his face! Too cute!

Angie said...

Your kitchen looks lovely. You did a fabulous job.

hi-d said...

I absolutely love how your cabinets turned out. The "AFTER" shots are awesome! Great job!

Jamila said...

Wow! I thought I liked my dark cherry kitchen until I saw your bright pretty cabinets. Nice job

Alison Marie said...

I recently recieved The "Versatile Blogger" award, and I want to give one to you on my blog! I linked to your site. To accept, please visit