Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Decorating

I kept it simple this year while decorating for fall. I probably only used 1/4 of my decorations. I also went a little more whimsical instead of a lot of greenery. Get ready for a lot of pictures!

In the hall bathroom I stacked two pumpkins on top of some greenery that was already there.

One of my favorite things to do is change out the seasonal tea towel. It's the little things that make me smile! :) Still loving my sign that Katie got me several years ago.

A fun little thing-y hanging on a hook.

I used all of my figurines in the kitchen.

I love these trick-or-treaters. :)

This pumpkin man has always had his place behind the sink since I got him about 5 years ago. He is one of my favorite decorations.

My mantel is VERY simple this year. The only things I added were the fun picks and the candlesticks with pumpkins.

My mom gave me these old brass candlesticks and I spray painted them heirloom white.

For some reason their skinny silhouette made me think they would look good with fall decor??? Not sure where that came from. :) Either way, I liked them.

Last year I stuck this sunflower pick in this pumpkin. (Sorry this is such a bad pic!)

The dining room was kept VERY simple by just adding this pumpkin to the centerpiece.

Westin's bathroom got a little pumpkin man too. I hope one day he will love coming home from school and seeing the house decorated for the season! Do boys even notice stuff like that? :)
Just for fun you can see last year's decor HERE and HERE. I was definitely a little more into then. :) I do really love my "BOO" pumpkins.......maybe I'll go back up in the attic to get those.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gulf Shores Part II

Just for memory sake I wanted to post some of my favorite snapshots from our vacation. This was our first vacation with a kiddo and boy was it different. I used to sit on the beach all day reading book after book. I would usually read one a day. This year I brought three and didn't crack a one. However, experiencing the beach with Westin was totally worth it!

It looks like Zach is yelling for help but he was actually yelling, "Cheeeeeeeese!" In other words, "take the picture and get me outta here!"

Colson is one smiley baby!

Just chillin' watchin' the waves. Westin's pale skin is something we laugh at in our family. We just aren't used to it. My brother Jason suggested we put some colorful buckets and shovels around him so we could see him against the sand. ;)

Our house had these great porch swings on the balcony. Papa is rocking Westin to sleep.

Mommy and Westin.

Gran and Westin

Just a slight difference in their skin tones. ;) Zach was so sweet to Westin and Colson all week. I've been laughing ever since we got back when I think about how Zach would "play" with Westin. He would come up to him and in a very high pitched, squeaky voice say, "hi little boy, hi little boy" while he was patting his head. Then he would put a toy on Westin's chest and move on. It was so cute! We had a wonderful time and I'm already looking forward to next year!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gulf Shores

We just got back from spending 10 wonderful days in Gulf Shores. It was a little different taking our beach vacation so late in the year but I really liked it! It was less crowded and all the fall clothes were out at the outlets. ;) I'm going to take two days to share some of my favorite photos. I only took 436 to document Westin's first vacation. ;)

It is always fun to decide on our color scheme. This year we went with navy, white and khaki.

The whole fam.

Our little family.

Cody and Westin.
Westin is not quite sitting up so we kind of wedged him in the sand. :)

Gigi and Papa.

Three generations.

Papa and Gigi with their great-grandsons.

Gran and G-daddy with their grandsons.

My parents.

Jason, Katie, Zach and Colson.

Our little man would rather be standing than sitting any day. I'll share some of my favorite snapshots tomorrow and then it is on to fall decorating for me. I've never waited this long to decorate for fall! It just felt weird to do it before I went to the beach. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sand In Your Toes

Westin got to explore the beach for the first time today!

I couldn't wait to stick his feet in the sand to see if he liked it. He did! Yay!
He only tasted it twice and then just played with it.

He is like his parents and loves having the sand in his toes!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Questions Answered

I guess I was pretty vague about our cabinet transformation. I think I was still trying to recover and just left a lot of information out. Haha By NO means am I an expert and you would definitely see that if you came over and saw them in real life but we are happy with them. :)
1. Can I do this?
YES! If I can do it help from the hubby than you can definitely do it!

2. Did I sand them first?
I bought sand paper (180 grit) because I wanted to do a very light sand. They are not real wood so I did not want to scratch them. I had planned on sanding them and then totally forgot! You can probably determine by your finish (mine were not glossy or shiny) if you need a light sand.

3. Did I take them off the hinges?
No. My cabinets have hidden hinges or hinges on the inside of the doors. If they had regular hinges that you can see the I would have taken them off. I actually think it might have been a faster project if I took them off anyways.

4. What kind of brushes did I use?
I forgot to take a picture but I used a combination. Whatever I could find to get in the nooks and crannies. I used a small artist's paint brush and a foam brush for the hard to reach places but for the majority of the work I used a brush similar to THIS one and to roll on the paint I used a small foam roller like THIS one.
5. What type of paint and finish did I use?
I used Dutch Boy latex paint in a satin finish. However, if your cabinets are already painted with an oil base paint then you need to use oil base paint unless you use an oil base primer first. If you use the oil base primer over your oil based paint then you can use either oil or latex based paint. Did you get all that? Haha

6. What type of primer did I use?
Kilz primer from Walmart:
6. How long did the process take?
It took me 4 days. However I was entertaining Westin all day and only painting during his naps and when I could sneak away for a few minutes. If you could prime them all in one day and then paint the next then I can definitely see this being a two day job with maybe only some touch ups on the third day.

Thankfully Westin is a good baby and is pretty good at entertaining himself. Haha

If I missed a question or if you have another one then leave it in the comments and I will answer you in the comments.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dutch Boy Review Part 2

With the last two gallons of our Dutch Boy Refresh paint we decided to paint our kitchen cabinets.

There was nothing wrong with them other than I had never liked them. They were a little too orange-y for me. Before:



I didn't paint the inside of the open shelves above the fridge yet because I have another plan for that area.




I primed everything first and then rolled on the Dutch Boy Refresh paint. It took about three coats to get them covered. I am sooooo happy with the results because they are more "me" now but this was a time consuming process. I knew it would be but I seriously do not know how Susie Harris changes her cabinets so much! :) I do want to put a small amount of glaze over them but then I am finished with them. After we let them dry for a couple of days I dabbed a small amount of Vaseline on the rubber stoppers just to make sure they didn't stick. So far, so good!

I just love how easy it is to pour the paints from their containers and how easy it is to get the lid on and off. It is the little things that make me happy! Also, I LOVE how you can't even smell it. I feel so comfortable painting with Westin playing in the next room. I know that we will probably be using Dutch Boy Refresh paints from now on. I'm converted!
Thank you Dutch Boy for offering me the free paint that made me finally do something about our cabinets! And don't forget to check out their facebook page HERE.