Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Love Birds?

I love bird related things such as cute little nests, bird figurines, hand painted bird trays, bird prints, bird sayings...I could go on and on.
I have come to realize though that I do not like live birds. They actually scare me and some of them are quite ugly. For instance, I cannot go out my front door now. All because of this nest up high on our porch. If I do go out the door a bird (or sometimes two) fly directly at my head and only miss it by a foot. At first I thought the nest was cute and wouldn't let Cody tear it down but now as soon as they move out (please tell me they will) it is coming down.
This cute little bird house is out my back door. Now whenever I go out my back door to water the plants birds fly from all directions at my head. If you look real close or click on the picture you will see a nest BEHIND the bird house. So not only do I have very territorial blue birds in the house, I have a not very smart Robin behind it. They fight all day. I can't believe any of her baby robins actually made it through all the fighting but one did.
And this is where I found him yesterday when I went to water my plants. Of course I did not see him until I was bent over the flower pot and looked up into the eyes of a baby (or possibly a toddler) robin about six inches from my face. Yes, I screamed.
I checked back today and he had moved up a few steps but he is still there. I watched for a minute trying to decide if he was injured or just not able to fly yet and saw his mom with a worm on the back fence.
Oh look! He knows she is coming. I must admit I waited awhile and the toddler did take a nap while he was waiting but she eventually came.
Once I saw the mom come I thought he wasn't so bad after all. Maybe in the next couple of days he will take flight and I can go back to watering my plants. At least the ones on my back porch. I am not going out my front door until those birds are gone.
I think I still prefer fake birds and fake nests but I'll let this one slide.


Anonymous said...

hehehe...I am more afraid of the bigger bird kinds. When I first moved to our town and was out running a territorial hawk attacked me.....Not my hair, anything but my hair.....thank goodness a driver I flagged down picked me up. I needed 2 adjustments after that, he hit my so hard I almost fell over. WOW! Good luck with your birds:)
Carey from Alberta

Alyce said...

Shannon..I think its just great that you got those great shots!
I might try to get some shots of the 5 babies in the next on my porch. Last year was our 2nd summer in our home. I put ferns in hanging baskets along my porch. Well..birds took up residence. This year, I didn't put up ferns..I used petunias..WEll..I've got birds again. We don't know what they are. Blue eggs..but not blue birds..anyway.. they have hatched and the other day when I pulled it down to look, one had his little mouth open and it was so cute!
We have tons of gold finches and they are so pretty too. But I'm not scared of them..I try to get as close to them as I can!
Hope your birdies fly away soon, so you can go out!

Susie Harris said...

That is so neat that you were able to catch all of those sweet little birds on film. My MIL feels the same way as you do. She even went as far as putting a pretend owl on her porch by her front door. They can be a bit creepy. I do love nest and bird "stuff". I will have to do a post one day on all of my nest. take care, Susie H

Alyce said...

you can't taste eggs or sour cream in the mac and cheese..make it w/ out your husband seeing whats in it! It is sooo good!
My bird might be a Robin..the mother is an ugly little brown bird. I know that is rude for me to call it ugly, but it really is!

Katie said...


I guess Jason has the love of live birds in your family

Heather said...

What beautiful pictures of the birds! I have issues with certain birds too! Those little ones can be so fiesty!
Your flea market finds are fantastic!! That cabinet is beautiful- love the beadboard.
-Heather :)

Marie said...

Oh you made me laugh!! TODDLER BIRD? ha ha

I love birds too. Fake ones. The real thing kind of creeps me out. They are so poopy and screechy. And feathers. Feathers skeeve me out.

Katie said...

That is sooo cute! Hahahaha...a toddler bird...hahahaha! Bless his heart! My sister and I would find a mocking bird baby (toddler) who had prematurely jumped from the nest every single year. And every single year we would name the bird "Moccasin."

Alyce said...

Hey Shannon...
You might be interested in the birds on my blog today...they won't hurt you..

Betsy said...

Awww...that is SO CUTE!! I'm not a huge bird fan either, though. They poop too much! haha But I do think they're amazing with their ability to build a nest! Interesting that your blog even has a bird related title! :)

Leigh said...


"J" said...

That crackes me up and freaks me out alllllllllllllll at the same time! I agree with you...the birds by the front door need to go! I'm sure they will =)

The baby robin was really cute! =) Great pics!

Melanie said...

I used to love birds, too. Until the first year after we bought our house. We got two nests of swallows on our front porch. I painted the ceiling sky blue..It didn't help. Every time I would go outside to water my ferns, they would dive at me. It got so bad I had to use an umbrella!!!
Good Luck with your little visitors!