Friday, April 4, 2008

Thrift Finds

I have been inspired by a lot of you and especially Heather to go "thrifting". So on Thursday I went to my first thrift store. It was an experience! It was a huge store and I was very surprised at how busy and crowded it was. I only found three things that added up to a grand total of $1.00 but it was still fun. I will definitely have to go back because they were putting stuff out as fast as they got it. I actually saw a lady standing by the back door with her cart and looking over everything before they brought it out.
Here is a cute picture of Zach from last night's family night. He was VERY talkative and VERY loud last night. The more we turned up Survivor the louder he got. He was all smiles though and as cute as ever.

The paint is drying on my "project" as I type so I will show some before and after pictures soon. Don't hold your breath though because they are really not all that great. Pretty simple and basic actually.


Hipmomofboyz said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of the cute baby, I am still jealous of your oops store, it sounds so cool,,,

Cottage Dreaming said...

Shannon, I am so glad you found the darling white ware at the thrift store. I warn you it can be addictive. Funny, I have been known to stand by the back door..LOL

Marie said...

VERY good take for your first time out. I'm impressed. My sister was visiting this weekend and looked at me in horror when I told her I stalk the local Goodwill store a few times a week. :::sigh::: She'll never 'get' it. lol

French said...

I have wanted to stop by for awhile and tell you what a great blog you have that I noticed at Rue's~~~just learning the blog thing and hoping to finally get some more time doing it;) French