Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank You

Doesn't my blog look great?! You can get your blog all fixed up over at Peekaboo Greetings. Obviously she does a great job. Thank you so much! You were great to work with and I love it!


Sissy said...

It is bee-u-t-ful! I like it and I can't wait for her to do mine. I am next on the list! pssst...Ms.Peekaboo doens't like her name to appear in the blogs. You might need to edit your post.

Chris said...

I love it Shannon! So girly too! I won't be far behind. Going back to my blog gives me that same feeling like I just went to someone's beautiful home and then I came back to mine with a smelly dog and piles of laundry at the door. ;-)