Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Fever

My favorite day of spring is when Cody and I work in the yard. While he was mowing I was trimming our monkey grass which should have been done weeks ago but that is life. Anyhoo, when he was finished we went to buy mulch and flowers. Remind me to never take him along when shopping for flowers. This is why my pots look so bare. He barely let me go down two aisles!
This is on our back deck. I got the spiral things and wire cart at a garage sale last year. In the fall I like to decorate the cart with pumpkins and mums.
It was a great Saturday. The weather was nice and we got everything we wanted to do accomplished.

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Cottage Dreaming said...

Cute Shannon. What a wonderdul deck you have. Ready for BBQ'd I am sure. Have a great day. Heather