Thursday, April 17, 2008

Creating Space

I wanted to find a way to create more space in my kitchen and decided to take the doors off the cabinets over my refrigerator. I didn't really use that space for anything and I'm always looking for more space to display pretty things.
I know the piece of wood in the middle is kind of an eye sore but I didn't want to do anything permanent in case we ever moved. Although I think about removing it all the time.
So look around your house and see if there is anywhere you can create a little extra space. If you have done something similar let me know. I would love to take a look.


Kelly said...

That is a GREAT idea!!!!


great idea Shannon, my mum has the same thing over her fridge. I have a thing for shelves, i have them everywhere!

xo Shann :)

Rue said...

Hi Shannon :)

I removed two of my kitchen cabinets so that I could display dishes and give my kitchen a different look. I showed them on my blog a few times and you can see it here:

I love how cute your display is :)


ROXY said...

I love this idea!!! I think I want to do this today!!!